06 May 2007

ABC's About Me!

Juls, I didn't do it right away but I remember it. So here's my ABC's about myself random thoughts about my personality. Thanks Juls for tagging me.

A- Available/Single? I'm sold!!!! hahahhaha happily and blessed
B- Bestfriend? Marjorie - California
C- Cake or pie? Cake
D- Drink? Water and chocolate milk
E- Essential? Exercise can't live without doing it.
F- Favorite color? Purple, lavender and brown
G- Gummy bears or worm? Any choices 'coz none of these are my fav hehehe
H- Hometown? Makilala, Cotabato
I- Indulgence? Bargain shopper
J- January or February? February longing for my husband's presents hehehe
K- Kids and their names? Our son Kyle
L- Life is incomplete without? Family and God
M- Marriage date? June 11, 2002
N- Number of siblings? 1
O- Oranges or apples? apple
P- Phobias? Stuck in the dark by myself
Q- Favorite Quote? "Life is like a piano it depends on how you play the keys."
R- Reason to smile? I'm blessed and rewarded!
S- Season? Fall
T- Tag 5 people? Lily, Nitz, Agring, Anna, Ana P.S.
U- Unknown fact about me? I'm a health freak.
V- Vegetable you don`t like? cabbage
W- Worst Habbit? Shop too much sales even I don't need it hehehe
X- X-rays you`ve had? chest during my Medical at Manila
Y- Your favorite food? grilled chicken
Z- Zodiac sign? Virgo

Mission Accomplished!!!


camotesgirl said...

Hi Jon, oks lng na wala nimo nahimo right away..no prob!..i enjoyed reading it..i got to know more about you..u don`t like cabbage pala' i was like that b4 pro am changed now..o cge Jon, thx for making it..and have a great sunday evening! God bless ur family!

juLai said...

Hi Ate Jona,woww ang nice naman ate at you are exercising everyday..ako gustong gusto pero minsan tinatamad talaga..aheheh

Ana P. S. said...

Hi Jon, thanks for thinking of me, na included ko dire. Hey I enjoyed reading your tag. Lingaw ba.

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