15 June 2011

The Final Fit!

Doesn't he look like a fine man? Today is Kyle's final fitting for his tux and he was just so excited to see it! We went to "Alteration Suit U" where affiliated to Jim's Formal Wear and there it was his tuxedo neatly hung and waiting to be worn. Kyle was so elated and can't wait to put it on. He is just as cute as a pie. The first time he was chosen to be a ring bearer was during his cousin's wedding (Jason and Catrina bride) in Texas and he was just three years old then. I remembered him marching down the aisle holding the pillow and his eyes were shut all the way to the altar. We asked him to open his eyes so that he can see where he's going but he was adamant not to open it. We asked him afterwards why did he shut his eyes and he said "because everybody is staring at me!" But he did make it to the altar . 
Now he is chosen to be a ring bearer to his big brother's wedding (David and Adrienne bride). I am anxious to find out what will be his reaction when he comes face to face to the crowd.


Dhemz said...

agoy, ka pogi man kau! ka cute sa model...angayan kau sa iyang tux...ehehhee!

Jona said...

Lamat Dhemz lagi feel na feel kaayo nya but he prefers penguin suit kuno.ikaw ba samot gyud ka ka gwapa!!! have a nice weekend!

Cacai M. said...

Ooh he's really a fine man! Ang gwapo nang anak mo Jona..

By the way, thanks for the visit and follow. :-) Will follow urs too!

Jona said...

Salamat Cai! I hope he will do good sa kasal bukas kasi kulit nito eh!!!