15 August 2009

First Day in Kindergarten

A very memorable day as our son Kyle stepped on his first day of school in Kindergarten. A mixed of hesitations and fear of being away from him. Afraid that I'm not there when he needs me and not there to check on him if he's alright. All of those worries triggers in my mind. Early morning he got up right away and showered and got dressed without me telling him. He was really anxious to be at his school. When I dropped him off I was so skeptical of leaving him to somebody that I don't even know. But I got to leave too. He gave me a bug tight hug and waved goodbye to me. I said bye and walked away leaving him with new kids and new teacher. I stepped out while looking back and hoping he'll look at me but he didn't so it means he was occupied by then. As i drove on the way to work I was fine and relieve that there's no sadness from him and I didn't even cry. I am so proud of myself until I got to work. I can't help it but worry and tried to convinced to myself that I have to let him go. At work, I never leave my phone in my pocket for the very first time normally my phone will always be in my purse but not that time. But there's no call from his school so it means he is fine. Every single ticking of my watch I watched it and it seemed like it was a long day of waiting for me to pick him up.
Finally, it's time for me to leave! My feeling of excitement zoomed in and just waved bye to my colleagues and drive off. On the way to the car pool I dropped by at Publix because he wants cup cake. He told me that he will have a GREAT day and he specifically told me to buy it from Publix coz is the best maker of cup cakes. SO I did. Few minutes went bye I'm in line for car pool, I waited and waited but the line didn't move it's about a 2 miles line from school. I was really disappointed. I sat in my car for an hour and 10 minutes and finally got to see him. He was so excited when he saw my car. His GRIN was way up to his ears. I was so so so excited! I just want to hopped out and grab him so that he didn't have to wait on me. But rules always be rules. On the way home i asked him bunch of questions:
* How's your day?
"I have my starry eye!" It means he has a great day.

*What did you learn today?
"Our class rules and regulations?

*Did you ate your snacks that I packed for you?
"I shared it to my friends."

*Did you go to the gym?
"Yeah, but we just sat and listened to the rules.

*Did you take a nap?
"No, it's just rest unlike my pre-school."

*What did you eat for lunch?
"Macaroni and pizza, I didn't get the fruit coz I don't eat it."

*What's your favorite part at school?"RECESS.... coz we don't talk about rules!"

Come on tell me more about it....

"Mom......... I already did!

Oops.... then I realized I have to stop.

It was such a great day to see him back in our arms.

In fact he wants to be back at school on Saturday. He doesn't like Saturday coz he can't come to school :)

That's about it!!! We are a proud parents!!!

Below are the photos on his first day in Kindergarten.
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Lulu said...

wow great day for kyle! thanks for sharing jon! yes i did read it from start to bottom... madrama pero exciting...

hey great to see you at Lotlot's... see you at alex's bday party

Jocelyn (aka manang nene) said...

Hello dai! first of all i would like to applaud you...I am so proud of you, being a mom i think is not an easy task..you really did such a good job by doing everything to your son and family. By the way Kyle did look great with his back pack :) he really look serious walking towards his room i guess :p ....I can't beleive he is in kindergarten already before you know he'll be in senior high :p just kidding i know you don't want to hear it right now hehehe :) ok talk to you later luv u all mwuahhh...

beacheejanne said...

awww...just adorable, jona:) he looks sooo cute!!

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