31 August 2011

Four Weddings!?

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Have y’all ever seen that show called Four Weddings? It comes on TLC and I think it’s just the best thing since sliced bread! My fiancé got us http://www.direct.tv/direct-tv-hd.html satellite so he could watch all his games but I’m always hogging the TV so I can watch my wedding shows. Ours is coming up in December and I think it’s a really fun way to get some ideas and also not to feel so crazy – some of the girls on these shows seem to make it their life’s mission to make everyone around them miserable before their wedding! I try really hard not to do that because I still want everyone to like me when it’s time for my wedding to happen so I try my best to be a nice person about everything including all the planning that I have to drag everyone into. It’s only a few months away now and I’m getting some really good ideas just from watching TV which I never thought was possible!

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