26 September 2011

Fishing Rodeo!

Fishing Rodeo with the scouts! This Kyle's first rodeo with the scouts and with me as his partner. Ironically I'm the wrong partner to the fact that I don't know how to fish and scared of baits especially live ones. Kyle was apprehensive at first of hooking the worm.  So he started using the gloves that I brought if in case I have to touch the worms. But it was time consuming indeed but there was a sweet parent who helped us out. After endearing time of hooking using gloves later Kyle had a gut to try it without gloves and voila he got it! Finally he is not scared of worms! We didn't use the casting rod because we both don't know how to do it. It would be nice if Glenn was there it will be perfect but we made a deal. Kyle did really good to the fact that he overcame his fear in holding worms right then is a winner to me!
It's amazing how competition can change your mind and focus!

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