15 May 2007

My Day!

Huh this is my post assessment for my mother's day celeb. When I came home on Friday from school a big green rectangular box caught my attention that laid on the table! I asked Glenn what's this? Glenn said "open up I don't know...". So went ahead opened it - wow fresh beautiful roses and it came with beautiful clear glass vase... It was so pretty! I looked and read the card it was from my dear friend Marjorie in California... I was so excited then Glenn handed me his presents- a Santa Fe Day Spa gift certificate! I'm so thrilled and can't wait to use it. I wanted to convert it into cash but can't be. Glenn said I better spoil myself and get pampered because I'm working my third job now hehehehe. My beloved Kyle gave me a cellphone bag with his finger prints on it and flowers and his wonderful handprint poem...!!! I'm blessed to be a mom and to have a Mom like my dear Mama (Philippines). Gotta go ya'll I have to be a school early tomorrow.


ethel said...

halo dear muzta naman atong beauty diha :) sus pila na sad ka dekada wala ta mag kita hehhehe
maayo kay naa kana sa blogspot mas nindot ni kay sa bravent :) nice kaayo imong header dako naman diay imong gwapito uy :)
member man diay ka sa bisdakplanet da, kita kitz nalang ta didot :) e link pod ni nako ning imong site.
ayo ayo diha kanunay dear mwahhhh

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