09 June 2011

Our little leaguer!

I used to play softball back in high school during our intramural week but I wasn't good at  it. I just have had to play because they were short handed. I remembered playing it using a real hand crafted wooden bat. I played without a fancy looking uniform but just a old  t-shirt and sweat pants and our  own choice of hat. I remembered mine has a bright tangerine color with initial "J" on the front, no cleats but  just regular walking shoes- an old beat up tennis shoes. I hated it! When they would call my name it made me nervous because I don't have choice but to be out to the field and hit the ball. A mixture of feeling, that I might be embarrass or  I might get hit by the pitcher.  I never had a home run but I had some hit and scored some runs not bad but my parents never did coach me because they themselves never played it. I learned to play through my  P.E. teacher and teammates.
Now our son is in a league wearing that  fancy looking uniform from head to toe. His Daddy coaches him and me as the ball picker or should I say the assistant (sounds better). But still shielding myself not to get hit by the ball most definitely playing safe by waiting for the ball to roll and refused to catch it. Looking back now I enjoyed watching baseball it made the game more interesting and fun jut  watching at our son playing in the field. He didn't even believe my coaching skills because as per se "I never played baseball". So I ended up in the cheering squad with the bunch of proud-loud moms. We really had a great season this year and looking forward to play ball on the Fall.


Jocelyn Jones said...

Hello dai, very nice blog! love the story about how you played softball! I had such a terrible experienced too! It was so embarrassing I stood at the ballfield waiting for somebody to tell me where to go! isn't that ridiculous :-)

Jona said...

Super... I have to wear it everyday too and have to wash is everyday!!! I don't even have my own glove/s but the school did provide though and I remembered smelling it terrible but bearable smell...Lamat sa comment Nang.