14 June 2011

One thing goes, OneThing Comes

What a summer to start! Yes it's been 3 days since our air conditioner unit doesn't work. The air tech guy came on the second day to check on it but unfortunately he could not fix it because he needs ant killer product. Yes indeed! The ants embedded the system, how weird is that? I guess ants colony needed air too. I grew up in the tropics where this kind of weather and temperature in upper 80's are normal to me but ironically by body refuse to sustain the heat! We have sleepless nights of icky sticky feelings while trying to fall asleep, feeling the warm air from the fan. But surprisingly it doesn't bother Kyle at all he still sleeps right on. So today, is the third day that the tech guy will supposedly be back to fix it. I am crossing my fingers and hoping he will come back.

Well one thing goes, one thing comes our washing machine won't turn on. Glenn told me that it overflowed yesterday while it was running. He had to stop it and take everything out from the machine and dry the floor. Thank goodness it didn't go to the carpet. I don't know what to do next the warranty ran out last year. I am hoping this can be fix. I will worry about this later I just want the air conditioner back running so that we all can sleep good. It feels awful when you start to sweat right after you got out from the shower!


Dhemz said...

hope everything will get fixed very soon....:)

for the meantime bili ka nalang nang 2 fans...ehehhee!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Salamat kaayo sa pag bisita sa among bisdak blog nga wala nay update heheheh