12 June 2010

Car Wreck

May 9 was  the most awaited day of all the mothers as we celebrate "Mother's Day". I was so excited to come home because my boys had prepared something for me. Kyle had been telling me about his hidden surprise that I was dying to find since Friday but he refused to tell me. I tried to search it everywhere but he hid it very well until I finally gave up because he got mad at me. They bought me a cake which has a written words across on it "Queen of the Day". So I have been looking forward on it.
So Sunday it was Mother's Day, as I was leaving from church driving in  Hway 280  which is very well known of heavy traffic and some crazy reckless drivers. I was driving fine just in speed limit when suddenly a Mustang Car drove up and hit my rear passenger side that caused my car to spun as I maneuver my the steering wheels avoiding the other car infront of me. I screamed on top my lungs. Then my car halt and facing in the opposite way. I was shocked and shook up. I don't have any notion and disbelief that it was happening to me.  The traffic was ceased since the accident took place in the midst of 280 intersection. After few minutes both vehicles were moved. The police came and started writing  the report.
Incident like this makes you realized that in a very unexpected time you could loss your life whether how careful you are. I was terrified and I called my husband to pick me up. In this scenario, just made you realize how important it is to have insurance. Though paying for something is never a nice feeling, there are actually a couple of valid reasons for us to do. First, it's legally required for us to insure our car. Second, the insurance will pay for future damages. Third, in the event of an accident, the  Auto Insurance will cover all or most expenses related to the accident. That's it is important to have a realiable, dependable but affordable insurance that will work thru without any hassle that's why  Auto Insurance is there to help it's a very cheap Inexpensive insurance but it's worth it. Click this links for more information - Auto Insurance, they offer auto insurance rates and quotes.
Nonetheless my car wreck did not ruin Kyle's surprise he really made me feel happy, when he showed it to me and gave me hugs and and comforting words. He was exultantly proud and elated for what he made for me that he hid for two days in order to surpise his Mom. In the end, it was still the best and most memorable "Mother's Day" after all.

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