11 January 2013

Kyle's Favorite Filipino Snack

Our son Kyle is hard to please  in terms of food; I have to trick or lie to him about the ingredients just to suffice his taste buds.  So when we went to Philippines last summer, I was very worried on how to feed him, surprisingly, he fell in love with "pandesal". Pandesal is a classic Filipino bread rolls, and every morning he would wait the delivery guy just to buy a freshly baked pandesal and he'd eat it for breakfast. When we got back in the U.S., I taught myself on how to make it, but it become jaded so I quit making.  Meanwhile, my cousin who lives an hour away from us, has been bragging about her  Filipino delicacies that was so appetizing, even in the video, so I decided to make some. Initially, I made it just for myself, and when Kyle asked me about it, I simply compared it to a pandesal except it's  steamed. He wondered, but decided to try, and guess what? He loves it! He would eat it, as his snack when he gets home from school! The photo above is "Puto", a new snack for Kyle!

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