11 June 2013

Happy Anniversary!


    Today, we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary; it doesn't seem that long. The man I married hasn't changed, and he remains sweet, kind, and thoughtful. Sometimes the meanness in me resurfaces, he stays  calm, and subtle. I might drop the dishes intentionally because the dishes are not done; he would just say, "I can do that." Or, I might fussed because the clothes were not folded right, he would just say, "I'm sorry, I tried." Perhaps, I was just looking for any reason in order for him to get mad. I surely brag my sweetest husband; even though, I don't oftentimes cook hot American meals for him. He is perfectly fine if I go to Publix and just get a combo-meal.  But selfishly, I cook Filipino food more often just exclusively for me. It is so unfair, but he doesn't care at all. I think, he had rather eat that way than eat the unappetizing meal. Obviously, I'm not a very good cook and Kyle can attest to that.  Wow, I sound like I domesticated my husband big time.  Not only  is he the sweetest husband, but he is a wonderful father to his kids. He always brags about his three boys, and his grand-baby Gaige. Happy Anniversary, asawa ko! 

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