04 July 2010

Summer Fun!

Looking for summer fun? This is fun for us! We like to go places that will not cost us a fortune, just within  our town's vicinity and that is - Alabama Adventure. This is a place that kids an adults embark the delightful tour of the park it has water park, rides, games, and a lot more. It is a fun way to cool off. We waited until later in the afternoon around after 3 pm  to go because it is half off of general admission cost. It was so much fun!!! The kids really had a great time and they'd trouble leaving the park because its was too much fun! We left 15 minutes before the park closes and headed to McDonald to get something to eat. Kyle asked for vanilla ice cream to eat on the way back home and  didn't even finish the ice cream and he fell asleep with his ice cream on his hand. Thank goodness, I laid a towel on the seat because it could have been a mess! He was completely worn out. Then we got home the air condition still not working! Golly it was such a bummer. But we had  loads of fun with Emma,  Maddison (Bev's nieces) and Bevs. Come check it out - Alabama Adventure.

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