01 July 2010

Best Dad!

There's no place like "Bass Pro Shops" for my Father and son. Before father's day Glenn decided that he wants to take Kyle to Bass Pro for his Father's day celebration since they are having a father's day activities where the children can make their own lure for their Dad. So we went there and Kyle was so excited. We got there a little bit early as we thought, so we decided to have a cheap seafood, so we went to Captain D's. While we were sitting and waiting for our food, Kyle decided to sit to a separate table because he refused to see what we'll be eating. He ordered chicken fingers, I had flounder and Glenn had fried shrimp. So we ended up in two separate tables. As we were adding some condiments to our food like the vinegar, Kyle was about to puke because he smelled it, so we sent him to the bathroom but he said nothing came out, so he moved farther to another table away from us. Finally we all done eating and Kyle was as furious to us because we made him sick because of the vinegar! So we had explained it to him that it's all in his mind.... we just don't want to talk about it, because, wants he'll think about it, then there will be a mess! On our way out, approaching the door, as i looked back checking on Kyle he was holding his mouth, I said don't you dare! The vinegar was gone! He was about 1 step to the door then he said "Mommy, I smell it...." then he threw up! Golly! I am so glad nobody behind us and Captain D's wasn't that crowded after all. I have to clean up the floor as fast as I can because I saw some people coming. When we got to the car he said, "I told you I don't like to go in there!". The last time he was in Captain D's when he was just a baby.
Ok off we go and decided to stop at the flea market because it was in our way to Basspro shops, then the storm hit and lasted about 25 minutes, Glenn love finding treasure in places like this but nothing interest on him. So Basspro here we come. We have to walk all the way up to find the place where kids can make their own lure for their Dad. When we got there, the staff were already cleaning up, and we found out that they're only up to 2 pm. Bummer!!! So Glenn and Kyle decided to play the shooting gallery and Glenn bought some fun stuff for him! He loves to fish and fish! I wish I could buy him a boat then he can go anytime he wanted to. His grown up kids cooked a nice supper for him and me and Kyle gave him a nice looking grill for him to do cooking for us hehehe. Over all he had a great Father's day!

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