08 June 2011

Glorious Moment

"No gutts  no glory." This definitely applies to me! I have been trying to  shed some pounds but it didn't seem like happening. I'd lose it and then gain it back-definitely a good candidate for "yoyo" dieter! However I found out that if you have self determination, discipline and endurance you'll achieve your goal. I'm not yet into my goal yet but most definitely close. You just have to find things that you enjoy doing, without forcing and dragging yourself. I found this exercise fun and self-satisfying. Adding the above mentioned qualities plus "dancercise" is equal to "GLORY"! I lost  five pounds in one week. Isn't that wonderful?  I don't have to starve myself  more so I can eat what I want but using portion. Here comes self-discipline kicks in!  I posted this entry to make myself aware that I still have ways to go and  share this  glory for those who are in same page with me.

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