20 June 2011

Inception, A Headfirst Dive Into the Incredible World of Dreams

     The ability to watch movies On Demand on my satellite tv, that I got after seeing these direct.tv, is a really terrific convenience. Instead of bundling up in the cold weather to go out to the video store, I can sit in the comfort and warmth of my own home and select what I want to watch.

Dreams are a subject that fascinates most people, the imaginings of our subconscious while we sleep is a fascinating field of study. The film Inception bring about the "what-if" scenario of "what if we could control and enter other peoples dreams?" and does so in a brilliant manner. The film revolves around a group of espionage agents that enter other people dreams in order to steal information from their very minds. However, a powerful individual wishes for the group to go into a dream and actually "implant" am entirely new idea into someone's subconscious and convince them that it was their idea in the first place; something that has never been accomplished before. What follows is an incredible and imaginative ride into the many layers of the subconscious as the team attempts to complete their mission while combating the defenses of the human mind. It is a gripping and well written thriller with an ending that will leave audiences talking for months.

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