21 June 2011

Slipping Slide

Never done this not until now when the newly wed gave Kyle a slipping slide as a gift for being their ring bearer. I'm so glad that my sis-n-law was there when we assembled it. Kyle had so much fun! Until now my thigh still bruised up from slipping because I forgot to remove any hard object underneath, one lesson to learn. I guess that was my prize from insisting of being first to slide! The other highlight is - Aunt Janne did slide! She will do anything for Kyle. We all had a blast except for Glenn he refused to try and reasoned that he needs his back :) I remember back in my country that I probably had this slide experience but it's made out of Pseudostem (banana trunk/palwa ng saging) by the time you finish slipping your clothes were all stained up!

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beacheejanne said...

so much fun!!