31 July 2011


One of Kyle's favorite costume was his cowboy outfit that his Aunt Janne gave him when he was two year old. He wants to wear it on Saturday's Daisy Duke/cowboy party at my friend'd house. So I decided to make him one. I stayed up so late that night to finish it. He was telling me exactly the older one looks like but I don't have enough fabric to go for his long sleeves so I ended up making his vest and pants. Then he asked me if I can take the sheriff badge off from the old one. While I was sewing he keeps looking for his accesories to go with his cowboy outfit and he found his pistol, hankerchief (bandana), hat and then he inisisted to make him a cowboy boots! I said "what!!!" I am not a shoemaker I am just a dressmaker (barely).  Well I guess that would be our next project for him to find a cowboy boots.

So proud his costume turn out better!!!

His very own signature pose!

His prize of being a cowboy!

Proud sheriff!

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beacheejanne said...

so cute!! good job:)