04 August 2011

Horrible Pain

Today me and my co-worker Bevs  went to Red Cross Headquarter to take 6 hour class  for CPR/ First Aid in order for us to be a certified individuals. It was fun learning and  soar hands while doing compressions for several times but it was loads of fun to learn. It is really important for us to learn when someone's life is threatens. It might be scary  in reality but it's the best tool to have in order to save lives.
Few minutes after I got home I had this excruciating pain in my abdominal areas. It was so painful that I began to sweat and nauseous. I can't barely stand up straight due to the pain. I was thinking- probably because I ate too much Fiber One bars while the class was in session but I have my cycle too so either way. I took some pain reliever and Kyle heated me some heat pads. Sub consciously I was thinking "oh no which first aid do I need to use?" . I threw up once and laid back down, I didn't realize that I fell asleep for an hour or so perhaps the medicine took effect. Right now I feel a little bit better and I hope it won't come back. Thanks for my wonderful nurses.

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