04 July 2011

Duo Celebration

     What a day to celebrate 4th of July! A celebration for the freedom we are enjoying right now. A reminder  for us for all who fought for liberty! The essence of 4th July can't be replaced but rather be reminisced through looking back of the history and remembering the heroes who sacrificed  their lives for the freedom we have now.
     Today is a another BIG day of celebration as my "asawa' celebrated his birthday! He suggested to go to Desoto Caverns because he thought that Kyle would enjoy it! He is exactly right! Kyle had a blast he spent the whole nine yards of fun with Daddy. It's a flashback  of his youthfulness that he decided to get in to the bumper car with Kyle. I can't compare of anything else of how happy I am other than to watch them having fun! I have the most easy fun way to celebrate by capturing every moment of it!
Coaching how to play golf. Kyle hit the ball into the pond and I have to get it but I slipped and my whole foot got soaked!

Kyle voiced out his questions to the tour guide without any hesitation! He enjoyed the tour!

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