14 March 2014

Surprise Gift!

       Our son, who is 10 years old now, always  wanted a pet... He had fish and turtle before but it didn't suit him. He wanted a dog, but it will be impossible because he has hair allergy reaction on it. One day, he decided to have a dog, a short- haired  dog because it didn't seem to bother him. Since we moved to our place, he has been wanting to have one... We wanted him to have one but it has to be a surprised one... So, after a long three weeks wait it finally came true. 
     We were out in the yard prepping for  our garden when two dogs excitedly greeted us... Our friend Mike was behind carrying a tiny puppy... Kyle asked him, "Why do you have three dogs?" Mike replied, "Well, I heard that you have been doing so good at school and you want to have your own dog." So, this puppy's parents are here to give you their puppy!" Kyle still didn't get it, he asked Mike back, "What do you mean?" Mike answered, " This is your puppy now!" He handed the puppy to Kyle. Kyle was in disbelief and so surprised that he didn't know how to react. He was in awe and totally elated! He said... " Mommy, I have a puppy now." He held the puppy with his tender care with his big smile and about to cry. 

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