17 July 2011


So hot to be outside! I rather stay indoor and do some fun stuff! Well I can stay longer indoor if I wanted to! But I am not that inconsiderate for my son! What about him can he stay indoor for the whole day? Of course not! Yesterday we were watching a movie and suddenly he perked up and said... "how can we cool off, mommy?" "Open the fridge and feel the cold air ... (giggling)". I said. "No not that way...(frowned face)", he insisted! So I said "well..." (took back my sarcastic approach) we can make our own popsicle! Then he got so excited!So we both decided to gather all the ingredients on the counter and he insisted to do it all by himself. I will just tell him what to do then he will execute the rest....here we go

a packet of crystal light or your favorite flavored juice drinks
a glass of water
an empty ice tray
a popsicle sticks (we're out so we used b-b-q skewer divided into halves)
tin foil

1.) Mix the crystal light or you can just use your favorite juice drink.

2.) Mix it thoroughly

3.) Poor onto the tray

4.) Cover it with tin foil (for the purpose of the stick to stand still) and then stick the popsicle sticks. Put in the freezer for an hour or until it's completely harden.

Have fun!!!



beacheejanne said...

so cute! he loves to cook:)

Jona said...

he is Mr. expert! I miss u Janne... I hope you guys are doing ok. Glenn finally finished his radiation the other day and he'll still going once a month but not everyday anymore.... love you