13 August 2011

Entering 2nd Grade!

Wow years pass by so quickly and just didn't realize that our son is in 2nd grade. Kyle's first day at school was Thursday so the day before his first day he decided to buy a backpack  so we went to Kohls to get his backpack. But when we got there he didn't like what they have and he insisted to go to Walmart because he saw what he wants. The price was half of what I thought he would get from Kohls.  He wowed me because of his choice and keeps me from splurging money. I'm lovin' it.
That night we fixed his meals and snack for school. I told him to start acquainting himself to try fruits. So he suggested that he might can try grapes, seedless & little ones. He wants to have 3 grapes in his lunch bag but I stuck 5 in it because they were little. When he got home that day I asked him if he did try the grapes? He said that he tried but the peeling making him choked up and he confronted me of why I put 5 grapes instead of 3! I told him that I assumed 5 are ample because they were little. Lesson learned: Do as I say!  I am still impress because he did not throw up. Normally if he sees something green or just the texture of it will make him sick. So we made a deal to give another try the next day and I will peel it for him.
The second day of school he came home with a commendation notes from his teacher:
*Great thinking in Math!
*Great Behavior!
Then I asked him if he ate his grapes then he said that "Ah Mommy, I didn't have enough time to eat it." I responded calmly that ok we'll try again... So I guess the grapes episode will be to be continued...

We are so proud of him!!!

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