09 January 2012

Making Myself Over in 2012

Guest post written by LuAnn Wilson

One thing that I have planned for this year is to spend a little more time on myself. I've let work just take over my life and I don't think that it's worth it to take it home with me. Work is work, not my life. I'm trying to just keep that in mind.

My health has definitely suffered from my workaholic attitude, so I'm going to work on exercising regularly again. Plus, eating right is also a top concern of mine. While I was looking online to get some tips about eating right, I ran across some info on a ear aid   and thought that it wouldn't hurt to go and get a hearing aid test done. I've been having some hearing problems for a little while now and weould love to get that addressed.

I'm going to start working out before I go to work in the morning as a better way to start my day. Plus, I'll be able to get in my required exercise before I start worrying about the stress of work. A lot of the time I want to just go and watch TV after work anyway so I don't think that exercising after work would work out so well

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