04 February 2012

My Fear Factor!

"COLLEGE STATION - The Texas A&M community is mourning the death of a football player who died Thursday in a car crash." Yahoo.

This report stunned  and feared me as I read the whole story because I had same wreck that he had, but it's not my  time yet. The gamut of fearful emotions still in me. I was scared to drive and in fact, I didn't drive for almost three weeks and definitely I refused to drive when it rains. But today, I fought my fear that was trapped since the accident and I rebuked it! It's has been several months since it had happened but I succumbed myself of this fear.   
My accident  occurred three days after Thanksgiving Day when I was driving home in a wet wet wet rainy day from church. I was driving in minimum speed approaching the traffic light  when  my truck swerved to the 18 wheeler truck that ran the red  light. All I remembered was the gushing speed of the 18 wheeler truck smashing the front side of the SUV. I heard myself screaming "Oh my GOD!" I thought about my Dad back in the Philippines who died in a motor accident that was hit by a big truck. I thought that was it! But God spared my life and I wasn't hurt at all. God has still a purpose of me that I need to fulfill. I was so blessed. My family, Boss and my co-workers were unceasingly checking on me if  I was alright! I started sharing my accident to my friends after recuperating from fears. GOD IS GREAT! Hadn't I face my fear? I will probably spending the night at my friend's house until the rain stops. I am so blessed to have such a caring and understanding husband who didn't mind dropping and picking me up. 

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