22 September 2012

Save Mine Craft!

        My child will do anything, so that he can get what he wants in return. Lately, Kyle is on "mine craft"; he would spend enormous amount of time of crafting it. At first, I just played along, because I was enjoying the calmness in the house. As weeks flew by, I can see frustrations in him; he enunciated that it was making him mad, because he cannot save his game, since he did not have the full version of mine craft. So one day, I promised him, that I will get the full version of it, after his Math test which on Wednesday. Wednesday came, he was smiling and so excited when I picked him up at school; he showed me his perfect score on his Math test! He continued smiling at me and sweetly reminded me that it's Wednesday, but still I didn't get it. Until finally he said, "Did you remember that you promised me to get the full version?" Suddenly, I remembered and felt embarrassed, because I forget things easily, then  he  went ahead and purchased the apps! He was elated and dancing on the seat, then the elation was suddenly replaced by silence. He sat still and was so focused on the iPhone, while playing it. When we got home, he did all his homework and sat back down with my iPhone.
       So lately, it is beneficial for me because I don't have to remind him of his chores. He does it without me constantly reminding him, because he knows that he can't use my Iphone unless he is thru! Today, we went to the park and he agreed to come with me, because I am taking the phone. I walked for 30 minutes and he still adamantly refused  to walk. I don't know if I am spoiling him or I'm just being lenient towards it. So, I finally said to him, "Okay if you just sit there  and play that game, I think I just made a mistake of purchasing it,  because it  hinders you phyisically!" I didn't even finished my statement, he got up and put the phone down and started walking. We ended up walking for almost 20 minutes and talked about his strategies and plans about his mine craft.
        Kyle reitereated to me that mine craft had taught him how to strategize, how to do gardening and how to be creative! I guess from now, I'm okay with it, but I still sit beside him if he is playing,  even though, sometimes my ears irk listening him talk about those characters that unheard-of and how he surpasssed the difficulties. My child will defintiely do anything for his mine craft to stay safe!

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