11 August 2012

We love you Ms. Cheryll

You'll be missed Ms. Cheryll!
Christmas 2005 at ECC 

    Yesterday morning I was at the gym when my colleague told me a devastating news. A news that no one anticipated! I was in disbelief and my tears just poured down. Right then, I stopped what I’m doing and  head to Brookwood and hoping it wasn’t true but it was indeed true that  Ms. Cheryll had passed away. It’s just a flash back on what happened to my Dad. You started asking why? But only God knows and I know that Ms. Cheryl is in heaven with our Creator. She is just a sweet lady. I will always remember her kindness and her thoughtfulness . She never did forget to ask me of  how’s my family doing? She’d looked at me and asked me questions about my Mom. She’d tell me how close she is to her Mom. She always reminded me that her daughter is same age as me. I will really missed you Ms. Cheryl. It’s just like the other day I joked at her about my dress up clothes and she just laughed and called me “silly”!  You will forever missed Ms. Cheryl and I love you dearly! 
    I was contemplating on when is the right time to tell Kyle because he knows her. So last night,  I decided to  tell him and he was in disbelief and said " You mean Ms. Cheryll in Brookwood!" Oh no! Then it got quiet in the house.  We'll forever remember you Ms. Cheryll!
      I love you!

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