19 January 2013

Our Birthday Boy

These are just few of distinguishing characteristics of  our birthday boy who turns 9th today!
It doesn't seems that long when we welcome him to this world, and surely the time flies quickly.
As the years go by, Kyle is turning into a fine, unique character that resemblances some traits from us. The daily schedule has change, but the nightly schedule  hasn't change like reading together at night, but to different genre. Reminding him of taking shower, brushing his teeth and flossing will always remain, I think.

He is definitely in charge with his homework, but hates it when we found flaw on it.
He is very perfectionist, but somehow it doesn't work in choosing the clothes.
He his very independent that he refuses any of  my suggestions of what to wear.
He gets in trouble from talking too much, but won't back down when he thinks he is right.
He enjoys mine craft, but hated it when his timer goes off.
He is a Math savvy that he calculates everything, but when I borrow his change he would add fifty percent interest on it; if Daddy asks it, he'll give it to him for free!
He is very competitive, astute, and shrewd that he makes all A's, but still in trouble at school from talking too much.
He loves playing baseball and basketball, but hated football unless Auburn wins!
He is a Bear cub and soon to be crossing over to be a boy scout!
He still loves to watch Phineas and Ferb , but criticizes every episode on it.
He loves Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but considering of changing the scene of Hunger Games!
He loves to eat pizza for as long no veggies on it, and when the veggies touch on his food, he rather be hungry!
He loves his Sunday school that he gets mad if he misses it!
He plan out his birthday celebration today, so we are just followers...
We are so blessed to have a wonderful boy!!!

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