19 August 2013

Mommy's Blooper

First Day of school is my most anticipated day as a mother. Unfortunately, I can't do it this time, so I asked my husband to do me a favor. But today, it didn't turn out right. The only thing I asked from my husband is to take Kyle's picture during drop-off time. Unfortunately, Kyle convinced his father of not doing it because it embarrasses him. I was so disappointed when I found out that no picture had been made. So, I decided to wait on him at the bus stop and take his picture. I waited for almost 40 minutes and these are some pictures that I took out of my boredom
weed flower (love the color)

ant hill

spider on his web

Then, I saw the bus approaching. I was so excited to see my 4th grader! Then, he saw me with a camera, he started screaming, "Oh no! No picture, Mommy!"  I begged him to be still so that I can take picture, but he was so defiant.  I told him that I waited for 40 minutes just to see him but it didn't work. Until, I pulled out
the last card and I said,
" Kyle, I need to do this because this is one of my precious moments to look at when I get old :)." Finally, he said, "OKAY!" Now, he is calmer. So, I continued, "It will be nicer if you show me where Daddy dropped you off so that I can take a picture." He instantly replied with his wide eyes of disbelief, "MOMMY, are you serious?" After looking at me pitifully, he agreed. Basically, we redo the scenario this morning, pretending I'm dropping him off.  I'm so proud of him for doing it all over again for his mommy. Definitely, he deserved a good treat! 

So proud of him!!! 

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