26 June 2010

Party Pals

Are you ready to party!? This is not an out of the world party, it's kids birthday party, but we Filipinos get  so elated once we'll find out about gatherings. It's one way of curing homesick through get together with fellow Filipinos, eating, cooking the food that we miss back home, we talk with same language,  laugh, we joke, and dance. It is just a simple gesture of having fun and at the same time reminiscing our culture.


Dhemz said...

awwwwww....pagka bibo ba kau woi...ehehhehe!

pag apil sa socialspark.com jon...sa blogvertise man jud mag base man ang ilang opps sa Pagerank.

tuod, if you have time don't forget to add your link sa contest....:)

Jona said...

Just read this one Dhemz...