17 January 2011

Losing weight - Setting Goal

I have been so concern about how to lose weight but certainly nothing works out for me. I love to exercise and in fact I exercise often but I ate uncontrollably. The type of foods Im eating are beyond my goal. I consumed too much serving of sweets like chocolates, donuts, and cookies and too much in take of carbohydrates like pizza, break sticks, mac and cheese and rice. But despite of these devilious foods I made myself to work out more and tried to lose that calories that I consumed however this pattern that I created just clearly shows of having no discipline and no control at all. So today, I commit to myself to do the right thing by setting up a goal to atleast to lose a pound or two a week. I still have 20 pounds to lose.
I commit to myself to exercise atleast 30 min a day, eat sensibly and drink lots of water which I always do.
From now on, I will make sure I journal everything I ate and do to achieve my goal!

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