04 June 2011

Shop and Save

I decided to get back on my blogging activity. Yeah I have been idling for awhile for no certain reason but merely of being lazy. I was too busy with schooling, home, work and FB games hehehe. But now I found a new fun hobby of mine that I am interesting into - couponing! Yes! I just started being serious of doing it. Back then I just like to clip them and pile them up and if I remember it I use it. I started using one coupon or two. Then I heard somebody that they enjoyed doing it then I told to myself that it's just a  bunch of junk and to much to do! Then I saw the TV show "EXTREME COUPONING" in TLC that really made up my mind to do and  be serious about it but not to the extreme. I paid attention to the show on how they do it, gathering ideas from friends at work, reading FB posting and more.  I organized my coupons and laid out my list to buy and viola! I went to Publix and bought $45 worth of groceries and ended up paying only $17 ish ! I was mesmerized how my original total was gradually decreasing as they scanned my coupons one by one. My eyes were bald because of amazement! I can't believe it was working!
Now I can't wait to do my next shopping while saving my $$$s. I hope this post  can inspire you too and become connected by sharing the whereabouts of good deals.

Here are the list of websites that offer coupons







Anna said...

Hello dae, i added you na. Thanks for letting me know.

Jona said...

thanks dear Ann. Nagreview pa ko sa layouting nakalimot nako heheh