05 June 2011

Dancing with the Stars Exercise!

Are you an avid fan of "Dancing with Stars"?  Well you are not alone I myself is a BIG Fan too! I would dance while watching them, well trying too even though my legs and arms were everywhere. I was just trying to get that rhythm going. However it's not that hard because nobody can criticize me except my son but not as bad as the judges!
One day I went to Walmart and so happened I passed the fitness aisle then there I spotted the "Dancing with the Stars" video exercise with  my favorite dancers on it! Cheryl and Maksim that got me more excited and can't wait to get it. Well as frugal as I am, I refused to buy it right then because it was about $10 and I might regret it later. Days and weeks went by and came back to check the aisle there it was only one left. I convinced myself that I have to get and try it. I grabbed that one DVD that was hanging on the shelf but to my disappointment it was broken! Darn it! I should have bought it when it came out! I thought to myself. Well I guess it's not meant for me to have it (calming myself).
One day I was printing coupons  and guess what came across on my eyes- a coupon for "Dancing with the Stars" exercise video for $2.00 off. Yes! I was so excited I printed it out and I headed to Walmart hoping that they replenished the shelf and unexpectedly they did! There were two DVDs hanging on the shelf! I got it and went straight to the counter and I used my $2.00 off coupon it rang up to the total of $3.40 (tax included) wow! I was so excited I didn't know it was on sale since there was any sale sign on it! But it was a BARGAIN! Has ta la vista baby! I can't wait to do some Latin moves!!!
It was a fun-sweatful, swivelling and worth it exercise!
I might not see them in person but through watching them on video and showing me how to maneuver my body  is closer I could get to "Dancing with the Stars"!

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