10 September 2011

What's your favorite ride?

Weekend is a great time to lay around, be lazy and just be with your family and do some fun stuff! Today, Kyle is so excited because I promised him that we'll go to Alabama Adventure. I was uncertain of going because I just don't feel comfortable. But Kyle felt dismayed and  reiterated that this is only the time that he can go because it will be closed and will be re open next year. So we decided to go after his baseball practice. We're so excited because our dear friends are already there waiting on us.  This plan was supposed to happen last week but due to the inclement weather we decided to postpone  it today. Thank you "Baging for the tickets!" We really enjoyed it except for the roller coaster.
The water was a little bit chilly but once you get a hang on it, it was bearable and the kids surely had a great time. Well since the park is closing early we decided to go to the amusement park for rides.
Let me tell you, I don't like heights but I try to get over it, before I get too old for rides. The first time we went there I refused to ride the roller coaster because I am fledged plus Kyle was just too young for it. We did a lot of rides: Wild River Gorge, Giant Wheel, Hurricane, Scrambler, Midway Carousel, and the Rampage (wooden coaster). We couldn't ride all of it due to limited time but for me and Kyle the Rampage was the scariest ride I ever had, and I refused to ride it again! This ride  is the top rated wooden coaster in the world! While we were inside the cube waiting for our turn my heart started pumping so fast. Kyle held my hand so tight and whispered to me "I'm a little scared but let's do it together....". I was about to back out because of fear of heights and the speed. But Kyle wants me to be with him. So Im putting out my tough facade to alleviate his fear. The incharge announced "enjoy your 30 sec. ride!" I was relieved! But that the 30 sec. seemed to me a prolong one. Me and Kyle clung our hands tightly and shut our eyes as we sped and coasted along. It was the most scariest and infurating  ride I ever had. I wish I had me a button to stop it so that I can just step out! But guess what? We endured the ride and  both nauseated. But by all means we tried it before I get too old for it! But the  Rampage (roller coaster) ride is my least favorite! But to be around with beautiful friends is a fun ride!

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Anonymous said...

Glad u and Kyle enjoyed the rides out off fears! It's always fun when friends get together and the picture show how could be the day went. Good to see u and kyle there :)