10 March 2012

Kyle's Realistic Creation

     This year is Kyle's second time to race at Pine Wood Derby. Each scout from the pack was given a  kit and inside is a block of wood, 4 wheels and 4 nails. Then they have plenty of time to design their ideal car for the race. Kyle already had a plan made on how his will look like, so when we went to the wood workshop he told the craftsman how he wanted it to be.
    He is seriously fell in love with Star Wars that every project he makes will be in relation to it. So his vivid imaginations about the design was way hard to craft so they did agreed how it will come out. He was pleased with it. Now the painting part is the most fun part that we both anticipated. But unfortunately, he doesn't want me to help paint it because he said that I will ruin his plan. When he finished painting I sneaked some strokes while he was away but "my golly" I got caught and I just made a chaos. He was furious at me and was upset and started crying. I felt so bad, but after my sincere and deepest apology and I promised him to make it look the way it was and then he finally calm down.
    I need to let my child to decide how he wants it to be. I need to remind myself that this is not my race. I remember last year that you can hardly tell which car is child's creation because  mostly were made by an adult. He is not after of being the fastest but all he wants was to show up his creativity, innovativeness and being realistic. So this year, he made one perhaps closer to "Millineum Falcon" where Han Solo (Star Wars character) was in it. He even hammered the wheels all by himself the only contribution I made was to clean up :(.
During the display I was surprised that several parents complimented and took pictures of it. He didn't win the race but he is our winner for being simply and his realistic creation. Way to go Kyle!

Kyle's Millenium Falcon

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