16 March 2012

New House

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I really feel like such a grown-up! I am closing on my first house tomorrow! I can't imagine what it is going to feel like to spend my first night in the house that I own! That is going to feel so good! I love this place in my life. It feels sort of like a beginning, a new start, the origin of something awesome! I am growing up. I even got adt security services set up for this new house! My parents always had a security system in the houses we lived in, so this is making me feel like such a grown-up. After the closing, I am going to start moving in right away. I know I am going to want to unpack and decorate as soon as I get in there. I wonder if I will even get any sleep the first couple nights. I really need to because I will be starting my first job on Monday and I need to be rested so I can do my best. This is such an exciting time

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