19 April 2012

A Storage Solution for all my Magazines

Guest post written by Kaleigh Stoop

My sister works for a really big magazine company and can get $5 subscriptions for people and I really take advantage of it. I have six magazine subscriptions, which I know seems a little crazy. I don't always get to read all of them, but I really love to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon looking through all of them and eventually get around to it some weeks after they're delivered to me. So there are stacks and stacks of magazines around my apartment and I really need to do something about them.

But I want to do something really creative and neat looking will all of them. So I looked online to see if I could find a really cool looking magazine rack and while I was searching I saw some info on debt consolidation and after I saw that some I decided to get consulted about it and see what it's about.

I found one really creative magazine rack that I thought would fit in perfectly with the decor of my apartment and it did! I was really proud of myself being able to find something that fit in with my stuff so perfectly. Plus, it gives me an excuse to have a cleaner apartment now

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