14 July 2012

Boxey with Friends

A week ago, Kyle got a surprise pet turtle from his big brother Greg whom he found it from the road. Kyle had been wanting to have a box turtle for a long time so he named her "Boxey". So far, Kyle is doing his job of taking care of his pet. He has been giving him a vegetables like spinach, carrots, lettuce, sliced fruits and even turtle treats but she wont eat it! Kyle has been so concerned about his pet, so,  we went online to find some answers. We found out that turtle can last for how many days without eating. How I wish I can do that.  So today, Kyle and his friend Caleb decided to take Boxey outside but Kyle noticed a musty smell! Kyle shouted "she pooped"!Voila Boxey must be eating! I grabbed the paper tower because I thought Kyle would threw up but he did not! In fact, he cleaned her up. I am so proud of Kyle as sensitive as he is he managed to control himself.  I hope that Boxey will get adjusted can adapt to her new environment. Do you have any idea how to raise a turtle successfully?

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