22 July 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where, Could She Be?

Boxey's new home

 Previously I was so excited to share to you all about Kyle's new pet his "box turtle". This turtle was found by his big brother Greg on the road. Kyle was so elated to finally have a box turtle and he really took good care of her and named her "Boxey". But Boxey hasn't been eating and all she did was trying to get out from  her glass cage. So I have been soliciting any ideas of how to take care of it.  Kyle's beloved aunt Janne helped us out through her son Jason (Kyle's big cousin in TX). Jason sent me a link loaded with helpful information about turtles. So we did follow what it says, that turtle prefer to be outside so that they can move freely and I guess to be closer to their environment. It has been over two weeks that Boxey hasn't been eating, so we finally agreed to build her new home outside. So me and Kyle dug and built her new home instead. 
        Kyle had been checking on her frequently and offered foods for her. But all she did was to crawl under the rocks and nibble her foods, and surprisingly, she became mobile to her new home. But one day, I came home from work, and found out that  Boxey is gone! I was really saddened because we worked so hard to built her new home and to make sure that she's comfortable and now she disappeared out of the blue. We searched the possible areas she could have been but unfortunately we could not find her. It was my fault I guess, I could have probably made her a better home that is and sturdier :(
       So for now Kyle is pet less and he wishes to have a new pet again. I'm glad he didn't blame me becasue he knew how much work I put in to build her home.

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