04 July 2012

Kuya Larry's Retirement and Independence Day Celebration

(I am having trouble uploading more photos... :(  )

(3) Untitled Album: What a blessing to celebrate with Kuya Larry's retirement with his exquisite family,  get to meet new friends and get to se my cousin and her husband. We really had a great time catching up with each other and of course taking picture here and there. The food was scrumptiously prepared! Ate Gie has the charm to do it!  Meanwhile, Kyle was definitely occupied with other kids but he got me worried when I didn't see him during the fireworks show so went back inside the house and I couldn't see any kid. I went back outside and I heard his voice on the very front of the crown. He didn't even eat at the party not until we got back home with the leftover I brought home. Glenn was indeed happy to get to see the fireworks a night before his birthday!

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