08 July 2012

A Day at the Pond with Family

Gaige is five month old! He is watching them (his Daddy, Uncle Dave and Kyle :) )on the swimming pool

Kyle diving on his own ... 

Bro. Dave is showing Kyle how to dive right but Kyle keep insisting his "tummy first" style.

Gaige and Adrienne

First catch of the day! (Greg did the baiting).

Kyle is making fun of his Daddy's catch a "baby catfish"....

Aside from the swimming pool Kyle was elated when his brother Greg gave a turtle to him. This is Kyle while feeding the turtle despite of the strong scent of it Kyle went ahead and tried to feed "Boxey".

Granddaddy with handsome baby Gaige.

We had a great time spending time with the family. After fishing at the pond, they cleaned it up and cooked em up. The home cook  fried catfish, hush brown,  cake, pecan pie and home made ice cream were  mouth watering. It is  a delight weekend with family...

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