20 June 2012

Kyle in the Philippines

Kyle awaits to on board and decided to sit where he can plug his gadgets on. 
Being comfortable with "Yoda".
First official meal in the Philippines @ Jollibee which he thinks their mascot is  weird because it's a red bee! He ate plain hotdog  just like back home. 

Mommy Jing, Aunt Bebing and her husband

On the way to the domestic airline. Kyle guarding our luggage by riding on it. Thank you Tito Sonny.
Boarding to Davao City.
Meeting with Tito Dong his wife Tintin and Kyle's cousins : Angel, Hannah and Princess 
He desperately asking for pizza his 2nd day in Phils. and he won't eat other pizza but from Greenwich  Pizza only.

Kyle was in the line (3rd)  this wass when we went to the  mall and each individual was being checked by the guard. Kyle was really confused and aghast when the guard search him manually. Guard was smiling when Kyle was complaining about it.

Buying groceries and Kyle was complaining that the cereal boxes are small that everything had shrunk!

Inside the van on the way to home with cousin Hannah. 

Kyle was surprised how bumpy the rides were! 

Meeting with Lola (grandma)! 
Kyle and cousin Chinchin riding the truck 
Kyle's favorite ride was  riding the motor cycle (visiting Lolo's grave) 
at the farm 
hanging out with cousin Kyla and Chinchin
with Lola and cousin Kyla and Chinchin still missing 4 more cousins.....
@ Jollibee
With Rylan and Chinchin
Sister Jing

Kyle has been wanting to climb a tree and he finally did with the bunch of friends...
 with Mommy Joy (my baby sister)

 Every time it rains Kyle is out playing....

Mommy Jing

cousin Chinchin

Mommy Joy 

Ma Lita brought handa from her birthday!

Tito Ta, Joy and Tita Lyn
Belen, Noy and Chinchin

miss you all..

more pictures ......to come

      This trip is the most anticipating trip of Kyle that he gets to ride the airplanes and finally meet my entire family. We were concerned about if he can handle the heat, traffic and the food over there. But none of the above mentioned was a bothersome. As expected,  he got so hot  but his  energy level never did subside so he carried around a frozen wash rag with iced water with him. He sticks it on his shirt and rubs it on his face. But the most annoying part was the mosquitoes! I have to apply an insect repellent on him during these period  of time before and after he gets up and after every shower. Despite of the constant application he still got bit and he started scratching until it bleeds. Luckily anti- itch cream works momentarily. Kyle stays outdoor most of the time playing with his cousins and some children from the neighborhood. He even plays basketball with the teenagers and communication wasn't a barrier at all. Kyle of course learned new Filipino words! He was determined to learn new words! He adores everyone of my family, that he seems like that he knew them long time already. He welcome everyone  that wanted to meet him. He really bonded with his grandma and always  volunteering to help grandma. 
     The only thing that gave me a hard time was what to feed him?. Kyle is a picky eater and he has small variety of food that he likes. But his new found Filipino delicacies that he really love was the "pandesal" for breakfast. His lola taught him about it and she would buy him "pandesal" every morning. 
Another thing that caught his attention was finding the different kinds of trees and plants. He in fact wanting to bring some back home. He even asked for a metal detector he was hoping he can find and artifacts. He became a home-buddy and he refused to go any where but be with them. 
     He didn't get a chance to meet my circle of friends though but possibly on the next trip to come. 
I have to stop typing I'm getting too sleepy 'til then.

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