28 March 2013

Kyle's Creation

Few weeks ago, Kyle and his pack had their pinewood derby where they made their own car  from a block of wood; thereafter, they had a race.  So this year, he decided to make his favorite game character - Steve! Lately, this has been is favorite game on the computer. He could not exactly turn it into real one, but it resembles of "mine craft" which I think it's fair enough. After he designed it, his Pack leader helped him cut it by using fancy cutting machine. Through the process of making it, Kyle demonstrated an excellent skills in implementing his plan from start to finish. He loves being a cub scout, and we are so so proud of him because he did it all by himself!

Below is the wooden block where Kyle had drawn his design for cutting

He chose these colors to resemble the mine craft setting, and Steve is the popular character of this game (I helped him with this using pizza cardboard.)
The den with their award! Although he did not win, but he is proud of his own creation.

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