15 May 2013

Cub Scout Graduation

            It has been three years since Kyle began his journey as a cub scout. Last Monday, he has his graduation as a Bear cub to Webelos, a closer rank of becoming a boy scout! Woohoo! Cub Scouting is a great opportunity to help develop his interests and skills, strengthens family and more. He loves it so much that I sometimes talked to him of quitting. But, Kyle's dedication and commitment to his pack is solid! Apparently, he is having a great time learning and venturing the fun task assigned to him. We don't have any reason to make him quit, but just our laziness to chaperon him :( 

            He is looking forward to his another journey as Webelos! 
For the boys! 

Kyle is wearing his complete baseball uniform underneath his class A uniform shirt because he has a game right after the ceremony. 

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