15 May 2013

Egg-Drop Project

Few weeks ago Kyle told me about his egg-drop project. He explained to me the details and how he needs my help. I never done this before, but I am optimistic that we are in the right track. Thank goodness my  hoarding trait has paid   off. I am not an extreme hoarder, but I surely save stuff that are usable in the future. 

The rules are strictly written to use any materials that can be found at home. So, we used bubble wraps, elastic (remnant from my sewing), empty box (X'mas ornament box), spray paint (left over). 

Here's how we did it:

I spray painted the empty box then Kyle decorated it. He wrapped the egg, and we attached the elastic. We chose the elastic to hold the egg from touching the the corners. Once the box has dropped , the wrapped egg will just bounce and will prevent from breaking. We didn't try it at home because we are convinced it will work.

Indeed, Kyle was so excited to tell me that his egg has survived! Team work works! 

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