12 June 2011

Way to Celebrate!

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?A nice get away to the beach or mountains wow it would be nice but not in our wild imaginations. We both forgot that our anniversary is on Saturday and we already scheduled to sell some of Glenn's junk I mean collections at the flea market. We sorted his collections from old coins, arrow heads, baseball cards, petrified wood, old bottles, old magazine, civil war artifacts and all kinds of stuff. Woh it was amazing how he saves stuff and knows everything about it too. Kyle even has his baseball cards collection, he resembles on his Daddy's hobby. Now it makes me wonder if I resemble something on him. I guess I let this question hanging and let him answer it. We were subdued to go to flea market to get rid of this things. It feels like the attic is buried alive. So we both decided to go to Bessemer early in the morning. We woke up around 4 am and got there around 6 and it was closed! Grrrrrr we assumed that places like this need to open earlier so that the dealer can set up but it didn't work that way.

So we hang around in Walmart a little bit and had breakfast McDonald until it was time to go. When we got there the place was started to fill in with dealers and shoppers. You can see different kinds of people from all walks of like, different nationalities and definitely has different taste of items. So amazing how Glenn's stuff attracts people and how amazing they connect information about the item. All I did was to sit and watch DVD with Kyle and fill up drinks. I refuse to get nearby the table because I don't have much knowledge on it.

Meanwhile the table next to us did not sell a thing. I felt pity of them. He sells CD of his own in fact he is a local talent (he said) with his manager and the CD that he played sounded pretty good but R&B music is not my cup of tea. They did not stay there longer and left. We were there for almost five hour and we indeed taking few stuff back home.

What about Kyle? Yes he was with us and he did extraordinary despite of the heat and boredom he never did complain. As soon as we left we all had a plan of what to do when we get home - to take a shower, nap and be lazy! We refused to stop but keep on going.

What a way to celebrate our anniversary! It's been nine wonderful years of being married all through those years we stayed stronger and closer. This year is another spice added to our lives. In sickness and in health we stood by each other. Last year we found out that he has a cancer. Term that nobody wants to hear neither to have it. It's such a awful term. Our Christmas was completely different and until now we didn't tell Kyle the reason of coming back and forth to the hospital. Glenn doesn't want to. I asked his permission if I can mention it to my blog and he said "yes". I was really surprised. He knows that there are a lot of people who sincerely praying for him. His frequent visits to the doctor, hospitals and prayers really pay off. Currently he is in his 4th day of radiation treatment. He has still a long way to go but he is taking it one step at a time. I am so proud of my husband for becoming a stronger person everyday. God is so good! ALL THE TIME!

So today we decided to have our anniversary dinner at "Fish Market" with our wonderful son.

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