24 March 2012

A Day with my Boys

What do you do on this sunny beautiful day? I will probably go out and run but Kyle came up a perspicacious plan for us to do - fishing. They had been fishing while I'm was gone to work. So today, Kyle decided that all of us will go fishing because I'm not working, so that, he can show me how good he catches them. One day, I came home from work and Glenn was cleaning their catch and Kyle was just so elated of how many he caught. I am responsible of cooking them, of course. So we ended up having a fish dinner and to our surprise Kyle ate it!!! He was so proud of his big catch. Kyle was into fishing and wont stop until the bottom of the sky fell on them, one day. Glenn said " I hope people that saw us wont think that I am abusing my child". Glenn is such an inspiration to Kyle in turns of fishing because I don't have any idea but I know how to cook them. His daddy is a good fisherman and Kyle likes to compete to him of how many fish can he catch.
So today, we were gone fishing again. The last time we fished together was during his cub scout fishing trip which I hate worms and Kyle scared of worms too, so I ended up using gloves which was a hassle and it took us longer to hook a bait. But today,  I'm so impressed of Kyle because he did it all by himself from putting the bait to unhooking the fish but oops he didn't use worms but "dough balls" (bread). Then he leaned his fishing pole against  the rails then he watches the bait if the fish is biting it. He made sure that he can see the bait. Then after few seconds he jerked the pole and voila he caught a fish! He even used bologna as bait while his Dad is using live baits (worms). He caught them like crazy but of course we had a limit because it was in a state park premises. All I did was to open the bucket for him to put the fish in.
But the highlight of today's fishing is when the turtle came swimming after the bait (dough ball). Kyle was ecstatic and wanted so bad to hook the turtle and he did!!! The TURTLE got hooked! it was a "pond slider" turtle, Glenn helped him unhook and Kyle wants to take it home so bad to be his pet. We explained it to him that this turtle belongs to the lake so he should stay. I'm glad he understood because I felt pity on the turtle. He got to pet him for few seconds then he let him back to the water.
What a way to spend a quality time with my boys even though I didn't fish because all I did was to make dough balls. Our boy is such an adroit fisherman!

Lets the cast begin!

First catch!

Pond slider turtle one of his catch
Watching his bait if the fish is biting it.

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